Zululand Rhino Reserve Foundation

[Non Profit Organisation  - NPO Number 089-508-NPO]

The Trust has been approved as a Public Benefit Organisation in terms of the Income Tax Act and receipts are exempt from income tax. Donations to the trust are tax deductible. The vision of the trust is to provide support to the Zululand Rhino Reserve and to the communities surrounding the ZRR where the ultimate aim is the creation of a harmonious existence between the various communities and the ZRR Management Authority, thereby securing the future of the reserve and its endangered species.


To collect contributions for the fulfilment of the objectives of the Trust, from within and from outside of South Africa, To provide financial and personnel support to the local communities which are in close proximity to the Zululand Rhino Reserve with the specific aim of uplifting and supporting the communities with projects that they have identified, such as but not limited to :
  • Assistance with water distribution
  • Vegetable gardens
  • Support to the community crèche
  • Promote the inclusion of additional community land to conservation
  • Assist in stocking and managing the community reserves
  • To enhance and develop awareness and the need to conserve natural resources and wildlife heritage
  • To provide employment opportunities within the reserve as well as outside of it
  • To work with leaders and educationalists within the community to provide support for their education needs
  • To support the Zululand Rhino Reserve in the conservation of natural and or cultural resources and or the environment

What we aim to do

We are working with KZN Ezemvelo to host a gathering of community leaders with the aim of implementing an economically viable community reserve. This will entail :
  • Getting community leaders to attend meetings to share ideas
  • To coordinate in the creation of committees with neighbouring communities so as to implement agreed upon ideas
  • To assist the communities by raising funds for fencing, live stock management and a community reserve where it is the intention of the ZRR to harvest surplus game for the benefit of the community
  • We aim to dart and microchip every rhino in the reserve thereby ensuring the continued concentrated protection of these endangered species

How can you help:

The Trust is a Non profit Organisation which relies solely on donations and fund raising drives to fund its objectives and so any and all interested or concerned parties are encouraged to assist with the projects and objectives of the trust. This support can take the form of contributing to or assisting with projects or by means of a donation to the Trust into its bank account the details of which are
Bank Account No:62305315386
Bank Account Name : Zululand Rhino Reserve Foundation
Bank : FNB
Branch : Florida Road
Branch Code : 220526