Treating the rhino for any possible diseases or injuries prior to notching
Inserting micro-chips into the horns of the rhino
Notching the rhinos ears for identification purposes

Black and white rhino have both faced extinction in the past two centuries due to poaching, habitat destruction and inadequate security resources, particularly in unfenced areas. Their numbers have increased due to considerable conservation efforts and translocation programmes.

Sadly however these majestic giants are again facing onslaught due to a dramatic increase in poaching over the last few years. This is fuelled by the Asian demand for rhino horn that is believed to have medicinal properties and for the use of rhino horn ornamental goods. The first peak in rhino poaching in South Africa from the start of the 21st century was in 2008 with 83 rhino poached, 2009 saw a 46% increase with 122 and 2010 had a shocking 173% increase with 333 rhinos poached. The poaching continued to escalate in 2011 with 448 rhino poached, with 2012 figures up until October already exceeding 2011’s bringing the total to 452.

The Zululand Rhino Reserve has a vital population of white and black rhino that are monitored on a daily basis to ensure their well being and safety. The largest problem we face in monitoring all the rhino is that they are difficult to individually identify. The most effective method of being able to mark these animals is to notch the ears and micro-chip each individual animal. These micro chips allow us to link the horn to the animal if the animal is poached. The notching process is expensive and consequently the reserve initiated its own Rhino Management Programme where this unique experience is made available to likeminded conservation enthusiasts from the public. This amazing experience is available to you and nine of your friends.

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